1953 Chevy Trucks

Patrick Fricke owns the fine 53…I am personally partial to the two tone
paint job that he put on this truck.. Great Job Patrick!!!!!!

Jerry Cox from Ayden N.C., owns this 53 which still
has the 6v system and runs the 235 6 cylinder.

Peter Mones owns this fine looking 53.
Joseph McKairnes has just complete a 5 year restoration job on this 53.
He did all the work himself–great job!!!!
The truck is original 6v-235 engine. Here is an engine, interior.

Bill Moldenhauer owns this 53-his website offers photos of the tear down and buildup.
This truck is setup up with a 350 and 700r transmission-complete is IFS…

George Carpenter is the proud owner of this pretty 53. Had a conversation with
him and he stated his wife bought this for Christmas and had it delivered
for the occasion. Relationships like is what makes the world go round….

Jeff Nelson 53 has had the motor, trannny completely rebuilt on this 3/4 ton truck.
First things first-huh….Visit his website…

Dustin Cross owns this GMC.

Lonnie Dickeys