1955-1957 Chevy Car Recognition

Car Recognition Guidelines

1955 Chevrolet

  • The 1955 Chevrolet is distinguished by a relatively simple rectangular grill.
  • Wraparound windshield was first introduced.
  • 1955 was the first year that a V-8 265 cubic inch engine was offered since 1917. The V-8 engines did not come with an oil filter.
  • The dash brushed aluminum trim is designed with bowties
  • The gas tank door is located in the rear drivers side quarter panel just behind the rear wheel opening.
  • The roof of all Nomads was distinctive – it was ribbed with nine grooves.

1956 Chevrolet

  • The Chevrolet passenger cars received a minor faceliift.
  • Full-width front Grill.
  • Longer and flatter hood.
  • The rear wheel openings, which were elongated and flared and designed to accentuate a longer lower look.
  • The rear taillights were redesigned and the left taillight assembly hid the fuel filler cap.
  • All V-8s came with a full-flow oil filter.
  • The generator was mounted differently to reduce vibrations.
  • Turn signal indicators were made standard equipment.
  • The dash brushed aluminum trim is designed in rectangular squares.
  • The dual four barrel intake setup came with an aluminum intake manifold.
  • Seatbelts and shoulder harnesses were optional as dealer-installed accessories for the first time.
  • Another safety related option was the padded dash.

1957 Chevrolet

  • Shared the basic roof design, doors, and rear deck with 55-56 models.
  • Front end featured a new integral bumper-grill combination.
  • The hood was lowered and flatter and received two wind splits.
  • The cowl air induction was eliminated and replacement air intakes were located in the upper half of the headlight bezels.
  • The front fenders have three indentations just behind the headlight bezels.
  • Fenders incorporated fins and the taillight and back-up light location included in the bumper.
  • The fuel filler door is located behind a panel on the left rear fender moulding.
  • Side trim moulding created a triangular area on the rear quarter panel.
  • Interior is restyled with a single large round speedometer flanked by a smaller round temperature guage on its left and a gasoline guage on the right.
  • Speakers on cars equipped with a radio were relocated to the top of the dash.
  • A new window-type distributor that was used for the first time made it possible to adjust the breaker points while the engine was running.
  • The big deal was the availability of a Rochester mechanical fuel injection system on the 283ci V-8. Total of 1,530 passenger Chevrolets were equipped with fuel injection in 1957.