1955-1959 Chevy Truck Recognition

Truck Recognition Guidelines

1955 Chevrolet Truck

  • The 1954 Chevrolet trucks were carried over for part of the 1955 model year, as the new, redesigned 1955 trucks weren’t quite ready. These early versions are known as first series. Essentially the same truck as the 1954 model.
  • March 25, 1955 the new Task Force trucks (1955-1959) were introduced.
  • The biggest change was the use of an open Hotchkiss drive shaft rather than the previous enclosed torque tube type.
  • All 1955 trucks came with a 12-volt electrical system.
  • Standard trucks came with the front grill, bumper, and headlight bezels all painted Bombay Ivory. On the deluxe and Cameo models, these items were chromed.
  • All deluxe cabs were also equipped with a larger panoramic rear window.
  • The inside of the cab was also redesigned. A speedometer with an odometer, along with an ammeter and oil, temperature, and fuel guages, was located in a V-shaped area behind the steering wheel on the dash panel.
  • An optional radio would be located in the center of the dash with an ashtray on either side.
  • All trucks that came in single-color paint scheme had black painted wheels, whereas two-tones had colored wheels.
  • The 1/2 ton two-tone trucks had stripes on the wheels.
  • Model 3124 was the Cameo Carrier. The Cameo was equipped with fiberglass panels on the side of the box and the tailgate to give the truck a totally different look. The rear bumper concealed a hidden compartment that contained the spare tire.

1956 Chevrolet Truck

    • Changes were minimal in 1956.
    • The side chrome extensions were relocated to below the front fender line.

V-8 equipped trucks came with a hood emblem that incorporated a V below the bow-tie emblem.

  • The Cameo model was expanded to eight two-tone color combinations.

1957 Chevrolet Truck

  • The 1957 models were facelifted with a dual trapezoid front grill.
  • The hood was flatter and incorporated twin windslit bulges.
  • The side fender spears were oval in shape.
  • A mid year introduction was the availability of the NAPCO four-wheel-drive transfer case and front driving axle.
  • The NAPCO option was only available on trucks equipped with the 235ci six-cylinder and a four-speed manual transmission.

1958 Chevrolet Truck

  • New classification system. The last two digits were dropped
  • All light-duty trucks were now called Apache.
  • All medium-duty trucks were now called Vikings.
  • All heavy-duty trucks were now called Spartans.
  • The trucks received a new front end look.
    • Quad Headlights
    • New Grill, hood, and fenders
    • The C-h-e-v-r-o-l-e-t letters were stamped on the horizontal center grill bar.
  • The biggest news for 1958 was the introduction of the Fleetside pickup.The fleetside was Chevrolet’s first slab-sided wide-box pickup.
  • Last year production for the Cameo.
  • Air conditioning became optional from the factory.

1959 Chevrolet Truck

  • The side emblems were now located on the front fenders above the fender crease.
  • Hood emblem is much longer.
  • Missle-shaped fender emblems that read “CHEVROLET APACHE”.