1955 Chevy 1st and 2nd Series Trucks

This is an exact replica of the famous Barris custom, “Kopper Kart“. It took a group of us 3,100 hours to build over a 17-month period. It debuted at the Detroit Autorama 2008, fifty years after the original. It is chopped and sectioned, it has Studebaker pans on the front and rear, a Mercury grill, and many other modifications. It will be at the Grand National Auto Show and other west coast shows in January ’09

Whitney Haist, has a real smooth 55 panel….

Steve Balogh’s got a nice truck here…I love the two tone paint…..Great!!

Rich New owns this fine set of 55’s.
Both are award winning trucks from Antique Automobile Club of America

Ernie Ganas owns this slick 55 Cameo, with the original V8, 4sp

Hydramatic transmission. He put the 57 trim on the bed of this 55.

Interior and engine shots as well….

Ryan Border appears to be well on his way to getting this
55cd series back in prime shape.

Rick Warren owns this 55 1st series 3100 series truck…

Brian Gleeson ownes this 55 2cd series pickeup.

Dan Jacobsen 1st series

1955 1st Series Suburban Carryall; 3100 series 1/2 ton; original 235 straight 6 engine

(rebuilt 30K miles ago); my wife, a school teacher (kindergarten)

drives the Suburban every day to work! Truck runs great!