1956 Chevy Wagon My Barn Find
I have owned and Built old trucks since 1981, in fact I still own a 56 Chevy Cameo I bought in 1982, and a 56 Chevy panel truck I bought in ’87. I have also been an automotive cartoonist for over 20 years. Over the Years my rigs have been mostly trucks. I have had a ’50 Ford F-1, a 58 Cameo, 55 Cameo, a 51 Chevy Sedan Delivery, and several Stepside trucks. One thing my wife and I always wanted was a Station Wagon. My Mother in law married a man a few years back. The only thing I knew about him was that he owned a lot of cars. I heard rumors about the cars but never saw them. They were hidden away and he wouldn’t let anyone see them. She was very familiar with my knowledge of vehicles. In July, She came over for a visit to tell us he was going to sell them. All Six cars for $3000. Naturally I asked what they were. She started with the ones she assumed were the most prominent. Three Mercedes Benz. Being from the early 80’s, they meant nothing to me. Next was one she thought I might be interested in, a 56 Chevy 210 Beauville 9 passenger Station Wagon. The last two were a couple of ’65 Pontiacs. I asked her what the Pontiacs were. She said one was a Grand Prix and the other was a GTA. That caught my attention. I asked if she meant GTO, she corrected herself and confirmed it was a GTO. She then said there was something important about the top of the engine, it had three of something. My eyes got wide. I asked if that would be carburetors, as in Tri Power? She wasn’t sure, but I was. As an Automotive cartoonist, one of my biggest clients has been our local GTO club. I have designed many T shirts for their different cruise ins and shows. Through my contact there I learned a lot about the classic muscle car. My Mother in law asked me if $3000 was too little for the six cars, and I immediately said YES!! I went on line and showed her the prices some were selling for. She was shocked. Two days later I got a call at work from my wife that the cars were selling!!! She quickly asked If I wanted the Wagon. I was surprised, and asked about the GTO. She said that it was gone as was the Grand Prix. After work that day, We drove 35 miles and took a look at the Wagon. It was in really nice shape, but needed work. It had a rebuilt ’60 283 with 3000 miles and the rebuild, a Muncie 4 speed and a 3:55 Posi. I asked how much and she said $1000. My mouth dropped! After telling her I wanted it to add to my collection of 56’s, I asked about the Pontiacs. The Grand Prix went for $1500 and the GTO went for $1000!!!!!! I asked why so cheap and she said he just wanted them gone. Although I never saw them, I did see a Camera phone pic, and my brother in law, who saw it that morning, said it was in the same shape as my wagon, which was drivable but needs restoration. When we returned to her house, I was asked to carry some boxes to the garage. When I walked in I saw 2 Tri Power manifolds and twelve 2 barrel carbs!! That was a first for me. It took one day to sell the American steel and the Mercedes are still there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
About me I am a 56 Guy and have been for a long time. When I was little (Late 60’s) My parents had a 56 BelAir 2 dr HT, a 56 210 Townsman Station wagon, and a 56 Chevy Big window Short Stepside. (A truck Dad always wanted a Cameo Box on) I bought my first Chevy in 82, a 56 Chevy Cameo. Blew my Dad’s mind!!! When my Wife and I were engaged we bought a 56 Chevy Panel Truck. She liked vans, so we compromised!!! And for our 23rd anniversary This month we bought a 56 Chevy 210 Beauville 9 passenger Station Wagon. A few years ago I ran across a super rare (Less than 500 made) Trailorboat Teardrop Trailer at a garage sale. The owners had no idea what it was! I couldn’t pass it up! Over the years I have had many 55-59 Chevy trucks including 2 other Cameos, But in the end the three 56’s and the teardrop are still here.