1984 Fiero Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

In 1998 I was searching for a replacement daily driver. I was looking for a GT Fiero when I came across this very rare edition advertised in the local auto trader magazine. In 1984 Pontiac built 2,000 Indy Fiero replicas after being selected to lead the Indianapolis 500. The deluxe model (SE) sold for $8,000 and the Indy version had a sticker of over $12,000. Every option available was considered base package including a leather interior package, seats with the Indy logo stitched in, gear shifter knob, door trim, and steering wheel. The aerodynamic front design and rear spoiler were actually prototypes that would be introduced as the Fiero GT model in 1985. The real difference is the pace cars were not available with the V-6 engines but the standard cast iron 4-cylinder. My reference books do not distinguish automatics versus standard transmission production numbers but I would have to guess that most were built with a 4-speed manual transmission in keeping with the high performance image. My Indy is equipped with an automatic, which would make it even rarer. I am the third owner and do drive it 10 months out of the year as my daily driver. I park it on the driveway and put a car cover over it during January and February to keep the salt from getting to the frame.

Currently the odometer reads 105,000 in December 2002. I have logged over 20,000 miles in the last 3 years alone. I call my Indy the poor mans Corvette. It is a stylish two-seater sports car but uses the economical and dependable fuel injected four cylinders. I enjoy the road hugging suspension and styling while still getting 25-28 mpg commuting to work.

As you can see in the pictures the front headlight motor is broken. This is a common problem with Fiero’s. The gears are made out plastic and tend to break. Replacements are available when I get around to it.