Art Deco Identification Guide

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, just a simple guide to help you identify Art Deco (1941-1947 1st Series) Chevy pickups.

Chevy truck art deco

1941 – New styling, “upside-down T” grille. New headlight housings set into the front fenders. New truck bumpers (Chevrolet quit using the car bumpers).

1942 – All trucks, except COE models, came with “blackout” trim (no chrome). Short production year.

1944 – Limited production of civilian models. No real changes from earlier models.

1945 – Production began in full on August 20, 1945, six days after Japan’s surrender. Same as 1942 model, including painted trim.

1946 & 1947 First Series – Month-long strike by the UAW. No major changes.