Replacement Seats for AD or TF Chevy Truck

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Replacement seats for your AD or TF truck

General information: ’97 Buick Park Avenue Six-way power seat (individually adjustable for both driver and passenger)

Shoulder belts built into the headrest Headrest height power adjustable Power lumbar support Individual heated seating surfaces (driver and passenger) Center fold-down armrest with storage compartment and flip-out cup holder Leather seating surfaces with matching vinyl trim Power recline (both driver and passenger).

Photos are below – Notice the should belt anchor is in the headrest of the seat.

Seat dimensions (approximate):
Bottom cushion seating width (side to side) 52 inches
Back seat cushion width (side to side) 51 inches
Floor to top of headrest height (with headrest fully extended) 38 inches
Floor to top of bottom cushion height (seat in highest position) 12 inches
Seat base width (including plastic cover/trim) 54 inches
Seat depth (front of cover/trim to back mounting bracket) 25 inches
Seat travel (full front to back) 20 inches

Note: For this seat to fit in my ’56 TF truck, the gas tank would need to be removed from the original position (behind the seat in the cab) to allow enough room to mount the seat and have adequate leg room and seat travel. I’d also want to be sure I had the seat track in the center of its travel before permanently attaching it to the floor.

Oddly enough, these seats do not fold forward. since they are from a 4 door car there appears to be no need for them to do so. Interesting thought (if you want to get behind the seat for storage). I will say that they will power tilt forward to at least 90 degrees and if you positioned the seat base right there is a lot of forward and back travel that would probably allow you to slide things behind the seat.

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