Classic Chevy Truck Restoration Pack

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The Chevrolet Truck Restoration Pack

How do I get the Chevrolet Restoration Pack?

Some are now online at

This free packet from Chevrolet Motors is the ultimate reference for your old truck. Have your VIN number handy when contacting them for this free pack.

Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center

Chevrolet Motor Division

General Motors Corporation

P O Box 7047
Troy, Michigan
Phone: 1-800-222-1020

Don’t be surprised if it takes 10-15 calls to finally get through. Ask for a “Restoration Package” (it’s free in the USA). They will want your Vehicle Identification Number and year for your truck. The restoration package they send includes complete engineering specifications for your year truck, and also a very long list of parts vendors for classic Chevys.

NOTE: The USA Restoration Pack will NOT give you specific information for your individual vehicle, but generic info for the model year of your truck.

For our fine neighbors to the north in Canada, you should contact:
GM Canada Vintage Vehicle Services
Phone: (in Canada) 1-888-467-6853, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EASTERN time. Outside Canada (905-440-7697) or you can email for assistance if needed.

Unlike the US Restoration Packs, GM Canada charges for theirs; however, unlike the USA version, you WILL receive information specific to your particular truck. The cost is as follows:

For vehicles 1963& older: $35.00 (CDN) + GST & PST (Ont.)

for 1964 to current vehicles: $55.00 (CDN) + GST & PST (Ont.)

Once again, those prices are in Canadian dollars!

GM Canada Vintage Vehicle Services also has a website.

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