About Chevy Trucks

Welcome to Chevy Trucks, your go-to source for Chevy truck information, tips, and tricks. Our mission is to provide Chevy enthusiasts with well-researched, in-depth, and insightful articles that cover a range of topics, including tuning and mod guides, maintenance, repairs, comparisons, and everything between. Whether you’re new to the Chevy truck scene or a long-time enthusiast, we’re here to share our Chevy knowledge and help at all stages of your journey.

Chevy Trucks has been around since virtually the start of the internet, having been launched in March of 1997. It originally included a huge repository of information on classic truck builds and restoration, ranging from S10 swaps to Advanced Design and Art Deco era resto’s. Much of that content is still around and available on our site today. We have however broadened the site to focus on modern GM and Chevy vehicles, catering towards the performance and enthusiast community with some of the best content within the GM scene.

Here is a throwback to the original website! It’s come a long way since 1997.

Our Knowledge & Expertise

At Chevy Trucks, our team of experts has over 20 years of combined experience maintaining, tuning, and upgrading Chevy & GM trucks. Our knowledge and hands-on experience ranges from S10’s to your typical Silverado to modded Duramax’s and everything in between. While we have experience with most things out there we also do extensive research to make sure we are providing the best and most accurate information on the internet.

Meet The Team

While the Chevy Trucks website is supported by a number of people behind the scenes who manage the website, edit the articles, and so on, the below team members are our most knowledgeable GM guys and the primary authors at Chevy Trucks.


Jake is a Founder of 8020 Media and has been the lead content writer for Chevy Trucks since 2018. He is the Chevy expert of the group and has also recorded over a dozen GM-related YouTube videos for 8020 Media’s channel. He has a particular affinity for Duramax diesels – while he is crossing the barrier of the Ford vs Dodge vs GM feud by currently owning a Powerstroke he does believe that the L5P is the best diesel on the market today. His automotive passion has no bias which is shown in his eclectic combination of vehicles including a diesel truck, an NA Miata, and a BMW.

Jake has a degree from TCU and spends most of his free time either on the golf course or in the garage, trying to keep at least one of his cars running.


Chandler has been with 8020 Media since 2022 and is one of our main content writers. Outside of creating GM truck content on Chevy Trucks he also writes a ton of LS engine content over on TuningPro. He is a true gearhead who has a ton of knowledge in automotive history and just about every manufacturer out there. Like the rest of us he has been wrenching on his cars doing everything from basic maintenance to modifications for over a decade.

Chandler has a Bachelors and Masters degree (in History) from University of Colorado Denver. His affinity for history has led to a wealth of knowledge about classic Chevy trucks.

About 8020 Media

8020 Media is an automotive media company that owns and operates a portfolio of enthusiast websites. We are one of the few media companies with a heavy emphasis on performance modification related content. We do everything in-house from content creation to editing and testing vehicles and products. Our team is comprised of true performance enthusiasts who have diverse backgrounds and knowledge. While we all have different tastes in cars and backgrounds across JDM, Euro, and American manufacturers we have the passion for performance.

8020 Media is dedicated to providing the best automotive content on the internet. We strive to provide the highest quality information, ensuring we are providing highly accurate and honest content while providing the most in-depth information out there.

Our No ‘AI’ Content Policy

8020 Media and ChevyTrucks have a no AI-content policy. We do not use any AI writing tools to assist us with the creation of our articles and guides. The 8020 Media team is comprised of true automotive enthusiasts and experts with a wide array of hands-on experience and knowledge. All our content comes from our own experience, knowledge, and in-depth research to produce the highest-quality Chevy Truck articles. We believe AI content tools produce poor, inaccurate information for the automotive industry hence our policy against these tools.

Our goal is to provide the best, most accurate, and insightful Chevy Truck information on the internet. To ensure we meet & exceed our goal, all content is written in-house by our team of full-time, experienced automotive writers. We never use AI tools, freelance writers, or content agencies since they are not the experts.