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Banks LB7 Intercooler Upgrade

Duramax LB7 Intercooler Upgrade Guide

An upgraded intercooler is the best reliability upgrade or supporting mod for the Duramax LB7. While it won’t provide big power gains like the other bolt-on mods, it will help keep EGTs and engine temps lower while also providing more consistent performance. Whether you are stock or heavily modified an intercooler will provide great performance…
LML vs LMM Duramax

Duramax LML vs. LMM Engine Differences

The LML engine got a major overhaul in 2011, compared to the previous LMM Duramax engine. It featured nearly 60% freshly designed parts, only leveraging a portion of the previous engine design. Up to this point, all of the previous Duramax’s had some internal weaknesses and common problems with bending rods and cracking pistons. The…
Duramax LB7 Exhaust Upgrade Guide

6.6L Duramax LB7 Exhaust Upgrade Guide

The exhaust system on the Duramax LB7 is one of the most restrictive parts with respect to performance. If you are looking to increase power, especially if you are tuned, an exhaust is one of the best LB7 upgrades. With power gains ranging from 20-30+whp and 40-60+wtq an upgraded exhaust will provide big power gains,…
Duramax LB7 Tuning Guide

Duramax LB7 Tuning Guide

If you’re looking to add a bit of extra power to your Duramax LB7, a tuner or programmer is hands-down the best bet. Tuning will unlock the biggest horsepower gains for a relatively inexpensive price, making it the best bang-for-your-buck LB7 modification. In addition to adding upwards of 100whp and 150+wtq tuning will provide better…
3.0 Duramax Performance Upgrades

3.0L Duramax LM2 Performance Upgrade Guide

The LM2 Duramax is only a few years old – it’s natural that the market takes a bit of time to introduce performance parts considering a lot of these trucks are still under warranty. However, in the case of the LM2 the biggest inhibitor to mods and upgrades has been tuning. Up until about March…
Magnuson Supercharger for 6.2 EcoTec3 V8

Ultimate Chevy 6.2 EcoTec3 Mods Guide

The 6.2 EcoTec3 is the biggest and most powerful engine offered in half-ton trucks. While it’s got a good amount of power, what’s not fun about adding some more? With just a few basic bolt-on modifications you can get the 6.2 EcoTec3 up to around 500whp, at which points aggressive cams or forced induction will…