Task-Force Identification Guide

1955: Task-Force line introduced March 25th as the “1955 Second Series.” Single headlights, wraparound windshield, “eggcrate” grille. Hood emblem is longer at the top than at bottom. Fender emblems read “CHEVROLET” and the series number designation (3100 for 1/2 ton shortbed, 3200 for 1/2 ton longbed, 3600 for 3/4 ton and 3800 for 1 ton), and are placed below the fender crease.
Hood is essentially flat on top, has no creases or dips.
The Cameo Carrier is introduced along with the new Task-Force line. Cameos have fiberglass panels covering the sides of the truck bed, and were a precursor of future truck design.

1956: Very similar to 1955 Second Series trucks, with the following exceptions:
Hood emblem is longer at the bottom than at top. Fender emblems are similar to 1955 Second Series models, but are placed above the fender crease.

1957: Hood emblem same as 1956, different color scheme. Fender emblems now elongated ovals. Hood has two parallel creases running front to back.
Only year that Cameo models have the actual number designation (3124) on fender emblems instead of 3100.
Grille changed to more stylish look with an oval inner piece suspended with top and bottom “teeth.”

1958: Dual headlights introduced. Hood emblem slightly longer. Fender emblems now shaped like an airplane and remain above the fender crease, close to the cab. Grille radically different. Hood now has a “dip” in the centre.
First year that Chevrolet pickups are given the name “Apache” on their fender emblems. The name would only last through 1961.
Series designation is changed to 31 for 1/2 ton shortbeds, 32 for 1/2 ton longbeds, 36 for 3/4 ton and 38 for 1 ton.
Last year for the Cameo Carrier, which is replaced mid-year with the new Fleetside, which has steel rear fenders instead of fiberglass as used on the Cameos.

1959: Basically the same as 1958, with a much longer hood emblem and missile-shaped fender emblems that read “CHEVROLET APACHE” and the series designation (31, 32, 36 or 38) and which are placed close to the headlights.
Last year of the Task-Force series of trucks. Chevrolet introduced a new style for its 1960 models.