Silverado Engine Fuse Box Location
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1999-2006 Chevy Silverado & Sierra Fuse Box Diagram

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The fuses are the heart of your Chevy’s electrical system. Nearly every system in a car that requires battery or electric power (windows, door locks, lighting, stereo, etc. etc.) is wired and powered through a fuse. The battery sends power to the fuse which then transfers it to the specific system on the car. The purpose of a fuse is to prevent the battery from directly overloading and melting a systems wiring.

When a fuse becomes overloaded, or is carrying too many amps of power for its capacity, the fuse breaks. When a fuse breaks, it cuts off the power supply to that specific system. So when you experience an electrical-related failure in your car, the fuses are the first place you should look.

Fuses are extremely important as they protect all of our electrical components. If your battery ran its power directly to your stereo instead of through a fuse first, if the battery accidentally overloaded the stereo it would break everything. And then you’d need to spend a few thousand dollars replacing your full stereo system instead of $0.50 replacing the fuse.

Types of Chevy & GMC Fuses

Fuses come in different colors and different sizes. The color and size of the fuse depict the amount of power (in amps) the fuse is capable of supplying. Stereo systems require a lot of electrical power, so they will usually have a bigger and more powerful fuse than say the power windows.

The amp rating is usually marked right on the top of the fuse. However, coloring can also help you identify its amp rating. You need to be careful to use the correct fuse when replacing a bad one. While some of the different sizes will not fit into the fuse box, ie. a 5amp fuse will not fit in a 40amp fuse slot, there are a lot of different amperage fuses that will fit in the same fuse slots. Using a higher powered fuse than necessary usually won’t be a problem, but if you accidentally put a 10amp fuse where a 30amp fuse should be, you’re going to blow the fuse extremely quickly.

See these two below exhibits to help identify fuses:

Chevy Silverado Fuse Colors
Chevy Silverado Fuse Types

Where is my Chevy Silverado Fuse Box Located?

Silverado’s and Sierra’s, and pretty much most vehicles, will all have two fuse boxes. One will be located inside of the engine bay, and the second will be located in the driver side footwell.

On Silverado’s and Sierra’s the engine fuse box is located on the right side of the engine bay when facing it, close to the top right corner. See the below picture for the location on 1999-2006 trucks. Note that this is what it looks like with the fuse box cover off. When you open your hood, this will have a plastic covering over it which should pop off very easily.

Silverado Engine Fuse Box Location

The second fuse box is located within the driver-side dashboard. When you open up the driver door, the fuse box is located within the flat part of the dashboard that is directly facing you / meets directly with the door when closed. The panel that it sits under is the triangle-like shaped panel. You should be able to pop it out pretty easily by pulling from the bottom of it.

Silverado Interior Fuse Box Location

Diagnosing a Blown Fuse

Now that you’ve found the fuse boxes, how can you tell if a fuse is blown? The majority of fuses will be made of a colored, see-through plastic. When you look inside of the plastic, you’ll see a small metal connector piece. This is the piece that provides the amp transfer from the battery to the system. When the fuse becomes overloaded and breaks or blows the metal connector piece will actually break.

You’ll notice the metal inside is actually snapped in half. This is a safety measure to prevent the overloaded amps from being transferred to your electrical system. Instead, the fuse blows and prevents the excess amperage from being passed to your components.

Here is a picture of a good fuse vs. a bad one. It is worth noting that the internal metal connector will not always be “S” shaped like the one in this example. More commonly they will look like an “n” or a hill.

Chevy Silverado Good vs Blown Fuse

1999-2006 Chevy Silverado Fuse Box Diagram

Note this diagram is also applicable for GMT800 1999-2006 GMC Sierra’s as well. While the covers for the fuse boxes should have these diagrams on the inside of the them, these cars are getting old now so they might be hard to read or have worn away by now.

Silverado Engine Bay Fuse Box Diagram

Silverado Engine Fuse Box Diagram
Silverado Engine Fuse Block Diagram
Silverado Engine Fuse Junction Block Diagram

Silverado Interior Instrument Panel Fuse Box Diagram

Silverado Interior Fuse Box Diagram

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  1. Where is the fuse to pull to shut off my interior lights they won’t turn off. I can’t find anything that says. None of my fuse panels show interior lights.

    1. If you own a 99-06 they have many electrical issues. Check the switches and momentary door switch on your doors, jams etcetera. Also if you have a multimeter you can easily find your problem. Or just take out the bulb.

  2. Not sure what it’s called. My check engine light came on and took it to be scanned. The scanner would not work at two different auto places. I guy said it’s not getting a current and check the fuse to it. What’s it called and which fuse and where?
    Thank You

  3. Brian and Matthew, look for your fuse, typically under the hood, marked “CTSY LP.” That is the fuse for your courtesy/interior lights.

    Lori, you are looking for the data link fuse, also typically located under the hood in the fuse box. Yours will possibly be labeled Cigar.
    Both fuses you guys are looking for should be 15 amp.

  4. Passenger side door switches and heater switch work they just do not light up. It was all 3 same time. Fuse maybe if so what one? 2000 Silverado

  5. Hello and Happy New Year from Guam, USA. My driver side view mirror motor comes on every time I put the key in the ignition. Is there a fuse for that component?

  6. I have a 2002 chevy silverado 3500 with a flat bed on it . There are four lights on the four corners of the flatbed body. Are these called day time running lamps. Where would the
    fuse be for these.

  7. hello, I am needing to get the wiring harness for a 2002 chevy silverado ext. cab 1500 5.3vortec with automatic transmission. as well as the 2006 chevy silverado 4.3vortec 5 speed .

    this is what i am doing i am taking my 5 speed out of my 2006 and putting in my 5.3vortec automatic. there are plugs that are different i have notoced and this is my first time ever doing this, ive got them both pulled and what i thought was hooked up right. but now it wont start. i need some help please. and thank you.

    1. Sam – swapping a transmission isn’t as simple as pulling one and bolting it to the other, the transmission control modules are going to be completely different. What else have you done other than bolt-up the trans?

  8. Jake ineed your help I’m stumped I had a rebuilt 5.3 and 4l60e transmission and transfer case out of my 2000 Chevy wrecked put. It inmy 2006 Chevy donor truck I ua ever fighting things for. Week’s so here is where I’m at I’m putting the. 2000 pcm in it I’ve. Pulled 5he.eng8ne harness from the 06 and 8m changing plugs on my 2000 engine harness what else do I need to change help sos

  9. My 99 Sierra has a brake light issue. The center high mount works, I replaced the bulbs, checked the fuses under the hood, and replaced the switch also.
    The switch has power to the orange wire, and power to the white when I depress the pedal, but no power to that block where the harness connects at the rear and branches off to each side.
    Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

      1. The brake lights are wired from the fuse through the brake light switch, then through the turn signal/emergency light switch (overrides the brake lights and turn signals), then to the bulbs.
        If the brake lights and turn signals don’t work, make sure the emergency light switch has not been pressed.
        If the emergency lights work at the rear with emergency light on, this tells you the wiring is good from the turn signal/emergency light switch and you may be dealing with a bad turn signal switch or broken wire from the brake light switch to the turn signal switch.

  10. wow this is an awesome source of information Thanks
    I own a 2001 chevy silverado 4×4 , my turn signals stopped working , both inside dash panel and outside , looked at engine fuses and did not see any blown fuses , was wondering if their also fuse for hazard lites as that also is not working . was thinking of replacing the turn signal switch but i am just gasping for answers any suggestion my appreciated .

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