Engine Identification – Chevy Truck Engine Cast Numbers

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How do I identify my engine cast number?

There are many existing pages to identify your engine. We’ll attempt to provide the best of them to you, rather than recreate the information here.

Inline (6 cyl) Engines

To determine the year of 235 or 216 engines, look just above the starter on 235 or maybe remove starter on 216 and there will be a letter followed by 2 or 3 numbers. The letter stands for the month, the next one to two digits are the day of the month and the last is the year.

Example: A239 if its is a 235 means Jan 23 1959, if its a 216 it would be Jan 23 1949. I like 54 because its water pump is the right height and length and its easier to disguise as a 216 with a 216 valvecover.

V-8 (8 cyl) Engines

Here are some links to help you identify V8 casting numbers.

http://www.mortec.com/location.htm – Where is the casting number located at?
http://www.mortec.com/notepg1.htm – V8 Notes
http://www.mortec.com/borstrok.htm – V8 Bore and Stroke List
http://www.mortec.com/castnum.htm – Small Block V8 Block & Head Cast Numbers
http://www.mortec.com/wmotor.htm – 348-409 CI Block & Head Cast Numbers
http://www.mortec.com/bbc.htm – Big Block V8 Block & Head Cast Numbers

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  1. I have a ’54 Chevy 3100 1/2 ton. The engine however is a 1962 –I believe–with the serial number F 0303J on the block near the distributor cap. I’m trying to pin down if indeed it was made in 1962 AND where it was made.

    1. I have rat rod 1936 chevrolet it has a straight inline 6 number by the distributor are Fo (b or 6) 24CQ under that # is 18J301167 can somebody help what size or year someone change the engine years ago

  2. Have a 73′ Wriedt Custom Jetboat 19′. Engine# is GM3951511. Can you give me what type/ size motor this is.
    Thank you, Rod

  3. I have a 231 v6 engine casting number 48H203117 I am looking for parts and don’t know what year this engine is. Any ideas are greatly appreciated

  4. I have a line 6 with an engine code 0f F0820TBA. I think it’s a mid 70’s 250. It has an HEI ignition and a 2bbl carb. Can you tell me what model year it is?

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